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St. Peters Mortuary

Built in the 1940’s to house victims of World War 2, St. Peters Mortuary is a small rectangular building located in a quiet corner of the main Hospital site. The mortuary closed during 2009 after it was decided that the building was too small to cope with the increase of cadavers.

Despite the front of the building looking like it’s in a good condition, the roof is collapsing in places, almost every room is suffering from water damage as a result to the fridges leaking and there is now a small amount of graffiti working it’s way inside.

We’ve known about St. Peters Mortuary for some time but put off a trip back in 2012 after it hit the UE forums and almost everybody and their dog went to visit it. We thought we had missed our chance after the building was sealed once again but thankfully we had been given another chance.

St. Peters Mortuary was a strange place to visit. After all, unless you work at one, you don’t normally get inside one unless your dead. We expected it to be silent inside but there was a constant sound of dripping water, vehicles and voices outside and every now and then, something would hit the security window shutters. The smell was unbelievable! Sure you would expect a mortuary to smell pretty bad anyway but this was the smell of damp and rot setting in fully now - a shame to see but then there’s not many other uses for this type of building.

Who knows how long this mortuary will be left standing…

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Visit Date: April 2013

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