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Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive emails asking us to provide more information about what we do and how we do it so we have complied a list of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and you can contact us at anytime by Clicking Here!

What is Urbex / U.E / Urban Exploration?

The answer to this question will probably change depending on who you speak to but for us it’s all about exploring and documenting the normally unseen places, the places that are hidden behind those large security fences and locked doors.

Do you break into the buildings you explore?

No! Never! Wouldn’t even dream of it! Ok, you probably expected us to say that but it really is the truth. In 99% of cases there is always a way to get inside the building, whether it be through a broken or unlocked window / door, by climbing the outside of the building to a second or third floor to access a window or even by going through the basement and up!

Ok so you don’t break in, but your breaking the law right?

Whilst exploring within England & Wales we break the civil law of trespass but it’s not a criminal act so we can’t be arrested for doing it. The owner of the property is within their rights to take us to the civil courts though, but this would be pretty pointless as we don’t cause any damage by being at the location. In Scotland there isn’t any laws regarding trespass (civil or criminal) so no legal action can be taken if caught.

There are however a few locations which are covered by the “Criminal Trespass” law such as live airports, military bases, nuclear plants and railway property - just to name a few. We don’t visit sites that are covered by this law though… we would rather not have a criminal record!

What research & planning do you do before going on an explore?

We like to make sure we know as much about the building as possible. As a bit of a guide below are just some of the things we do before setting off on an explore:

We normally try to visit the location a few days before if it’s local for a recon trip. On this visit we will be keeping an eye out for security (if any), a route into the building and of course looking for any dangers that we can see from the outside.

We always research the buildings history before exploring it, we find that it helps us document it fully if we know the story of why it became derelict and of course what it was used for.

We ensure that all of the equipment that we take (see below) is in full working order! The last thing we want is to take a torch that has dead batteries!

We also check if any other explorers have visited the building in the past, this helps us see inside the building without going in ourselves - perfect for spotting collapsing floors / ceilings

Finally, we always try to obtain floor plans from the local council. Some of the buildings we have been to, such as the “House of Sisters” and “Sparrow Mansion” have several floors and even hidden rooms and without seeing a map, we would either get lost or just simply miss what could be an important part of the building.

So what equipment do you normally take with you?

This normally depends on the type of explore that we’re doing but in general we would carry:

Canon 550D DSLR Camera

Canon 300n 35mm SLR Camera

Tokina 11-16mm F.28 Wide Angle Lens, Canon 50mm F1.8 Prime Lens , Canon 75-300mm F4.0 Telephoto Lens, Canon 18-55mm F3.5 Lens, Canon 28-80mm F3.5 Lens.

Various filters, cleaning kit, spare batteries, SDHC cards, 35mm film rolls, battery grip, Manfrotto 190XDB Tripod and a Manfrotto Sling Camera Bag

2 torches, head torch, fingerless gloves, sturdy boots, thin hi-vis, safety helmet, spare tripod, first aid kit and a few other various pieces.

These are just a few of the things that we carry on explores but in general everything changes depending on the location that we visit. We never carry things that could be used to cause damage such as, lighters, marker pens, spray cans, multi-tools etc.

What happens if you injure yourselves?

A great question! We are fully trained Emergency Medical Technicians by trade and we always carry our EMT equipment with us meaning that we are able to deal with most situations onsite without the need to waste the time of the NHS or bring them into a dangerous environment.

Do you explore with other people?

Most of the time, only one of us actually explores the building (the main one being Shaun - also known as Urbex-SW). We often meet up with other explorers though especially when exploring outside side of our area.

Can you tell me where to find a location?

Sorry but we don’t give any information out about the places that we visit other than what is posted up on this website if we don’t actually know you. This is simply because we don’t know if your a low life chav wanting to smash the building up, a metal thief wanting to clean the building of any metal or even security trying to find out how we gained entry so they can secure it again!

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us by clicking the Contact Us link above.

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