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Farm E

I want to start this report off with a poem that I discovered in situ, written by the former owner of Farm E, Mrs E.

There isn’t much really to say about Farm E apart from it’s a 5 bedroom small holding property somewhere in England. It appears that an Elderly lady, Mrs E, resided here on her own with only the odd care worker visiting her for company.

The building appears to be in a generally good condition in most areas, however, there are signs of floors starting to give way in a couple of rooms as well as a room that has been declared as “unsafe”. Walls are crumbling, paint is peeling and ceilings are falling and considering Mrs E passed away in around January 2012, we can’t help but think that she must have been living in similar conditions to which we experienced on our visit and probably only using a small section of the property towards the end of her life.

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As a sign of respect, I remove my trademark black hoody and take a moment of silence…. RIP Mrs E

DSCF7172.jpg DSCF7282.jpg DSCF7177.jpg DSCF7174.jpg DSCF7178.jpg DSCF7181.jpg DSCF7183.jpg DSCF7187.jpg DSCF7193.jpg DSCF7195.jpg DSCF7198.jpg DSCF7203.jpg DSCF7207.jpg DSCF7211.jpg DSCF7214.jpg DSCF7218.jpg DSCF7219.jpg DSCF7221.jpg DSCF7224.jpg DSCF7227-2.jpg DSCF7230.jpg DSCF7237.jpg DSCF7246.jpg DSCF7254.jpg DSCF7249.jpg DSCF7271.jpg DSCF7273.jpg DSCF7277.jpg DSCF7279.jpg
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Visit Date: August 2012

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