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Welcome to Dereliction.Photography!

Hello and welcome to Dereliction.Photography, a website dedicated to documenting derelict, decaying, abandoned and ruined buildings around England and Wales.

From World War II Pill Boxes, Ruined Manor Houses & Castles to Council Housing Estates, Convents, Hospitals and Mental Asylums, the “Forgotten World” is all around us and Dereliction.Photography are proud to be able to see these wonderful places first hand and of course to be able to share them with you.

We visit locations almost daily in order to document them before they are eventually demolished or re-developed and we are constantly updating our website to include our most recent reports so please check back on a regular basis!

We hope that you enjoy browsing through our website and if you would like to get in touch at anytime, please just click on the “Contact Us” link above.


Farm E

Our Recent Reports

You can view our three most recent location reports by simply clicking on the images below.

Llandaff Cold War Bunker The Rise Suffolk House
The Woollen Mill

The Woollen Mill

Llandaff Sub-Control Nuclear Bunker

The Rise, Cardiff

Suffolk House, Cardiff

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